Second Symposium of the

ICTM Study Group on Sound, Movement, and the Sciences

October 26-28, 2022

Barcelona, Spain

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ICTM Study Group on Sound, Movement, and the Sciences

The ICTM Study Group on Sound, Movement, and the Sciences (SoMoS) aims to bring together and support scholars whose work combines methods and approaches from ethnomusicology and/or ethnochoreology with those from the sciences to explore sound and movement in musical and dance contexts. Here, the sciences are broadly defined, including but not limited to disciplines such as cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, computer science, statistics, mathematics, biology, physics, and medical science.

We propose that ethnographic and science-based approaches can complement each other, producing insights that might be difficult to achieve otherwise. For our second official symposium, we welcome proposals on any topic that aligns with the aims and themes of the Study Group, insofar as they combine ethnographic and science-based approaches, explore the issues involved in such endeavors, or present reflective discussions on relevant theories and methodologies. Considering that health issues are highly topical in current times, we are particularly interested in receiving contributions that explore relationships between sound, movement, emotions, and health, in a large variety of cultural contexts.


SoMoS 2022 Scientific Program: Filippo Bonini Baraldi (filibb at

SoMoS 2022 Local Arrangements: Rafael Caro Repetto (rafael.caro-repetto at